Global Garage Can Transform Your Garage in 1 Day!

One call to Global Garage to schedule a free in-home consultation puts you one step closer to having the garage of your dreams. We will help you transform your garage from disheveled, dirty and disorganized, to functional, clean, and organized. How do we do that in one day, you might ask? It’s really quite simple.

Step 1: Understanding your needs

We start by meeting with you in your garage to discuss your storage needs and floor coating options. During this meeting we will take precise measurements and bring samples and photos to help you visualize your new garage. We understand that each person, and each garage, has different needs and there is no “cookie-cutter” solution to make your garage work for your particular needs. We work carefully with you, from design to completion, to ensure your new garage meets your expectations.

Most garages we see start out looking like this…

transform your garage

Bare walls, dirty floor, and no organization… and that’s OK! We want to see the items you need to store so we can purposefully design cabinets to fit your belongings. We want to see the condition of your floor so we can select the right coating system. Our goal is to understand how you use your space so we can help make it function better!

Step 2: The Design

Once we understand your needs and your vision for your garage, we will get started on a design based on the specifications and colors we discussed during the consultation. We create a 3-D rendering so you can see the design from all angles and get a full picture of your garage transformation. A completed design will look something like this…

transform your garage with global garage

Would you prefer more drawers than cabinets? Would you like to see a larger workbench or a different color? No problem! We can make changes and edits until you are 100% satisfied with the design. It will then start to become a reality in our workshop where your cabinets will be cut and assembled by our highly skilled carpenters.

Step 3: Installation

On installation day, all you need to do is clear out the area and we handle the rest. We start with the floor; carefully grinding and sanding the surface to remove those old stains and properly prepare the floor for the coating. We patch and seal any cracks or damage in the concrete before applying the coating to create a defect-free surface. Our industrial strength polyaspartic coatings bond with the concrete to ensure no lifting or peeling will occur. The polyaspartic coatings are also scratch and stain resistant to stand up to the every day wear and tear in a garage.

Once the floor is complete and dries overnight, we get started on installing your cabinets. They will have been mostly assembled in our workshop, and then we do custom modifications and final assembly on-sight. This allows us to make sure the cabinets are level, sit evenly on the floor, and line up flush with the walls.  We install a toe-kick around the bottom of the cabinets and seal it to the floor so nothing can get underneath. Before we are done, we carefully inspect all hinges, handles, drawers, and shelves to ensure everything is in working order.

Remember that design we just showed you? Here is the finished product…

let Global Garage transform your garage
Transformation Complete!

You now have a clean, easy to care for floor and brand new cabinets to store all of your belongings. It is no longer just a garage, but a place for you to work and tinker in easily, thoughtfully store and organize things, and park your car with room to spare! And now for the best part… you can rest easy that your garage will be functional and beautiful for years to come because our flooring and cabinets come with a LIFETIME guarantee!

What are you waiting for!?! Call Global Garage and start transforming your garage into the space of your dreams today! Setting up your free, in-home consultation is as easy as clicking HERE.