Floor Coating Options

We will work with you to evaluate your needs and discuss the many systems we have available.

We understand that a small difference in the price per square foot between an epoxy floor and modern polyurea system can become a large factor when considering coating thousands of square feet, and that is why we offer a variety of systems. The commercial and industrial floor coatings options below are listed by cost, from low to high. Please call for pricing and estimates.

Flooring System Application Method Durability Comment Notes
Scrub & Seal Power scrub followed by several layers of clear acrylic sealer Good Most economical. Used widely in shops and warehouses. Similar appearance to polished concrete. Requires periodic maintenance
Global Garage Flooring & Cabinets | Sand
Etch or grind then dye concrete followed by acrylic sealer Better Unique acid stained look. Good for a wide variety of locations. Good means of providing protection and color to concrete. Requires periodic maintenance
Solid color-
Global Garage Flooring & Cabinets | Solid Color sand beige
Grind and coat with colored epoxy or polyaspartic Good Good protection. Popular in shops and warehouses. Simple method of sealing and protecting concrete yet may show imperfections
Simulated Granite
Global Garage Flooring & Cabinets | Slate 2
Grind, with vinyl flakes incorporated layers of polyaspartic material Best Most popular system, especially with garage floors. This system provides the most consistent appearance and texture with superior durability
Global Garage Flooring & Cabinets | Mica Color Freestone e1510155139749
Grind, with mica flakes in between layers of polyaspartic Better Unique reflective granite. Great for a Man Cave or showroom. Very custom, high end system with actual mica flake
Solid color –
High quality
Global Garage Flooring & Cabinets | Solid Color medium grey e1510155213431
Grind and moisture seal then coat with several layers of epoxy or polyaspartic Better Hangar style appearance. Great for showrooms and hangars! Beautiful solid color floor but can be susceptible to wear and tear.

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