Global Garage flooring

Our Mission

At Global Garage Flooring, we actively improve your garage with top-notch concrete coatings and custom cabinets. We dedicate ourselves to providing an exceptional customer experience by integrating superior materials with expert craftsmanship. We start this commitment by carefully choosing high-quality materials to ensure durability, longevity, and aesthetic appeal in every project.

Our team of highly skilled installers are some of the most experienced in the state. Their extensive experience translates into precision and artistry, transforming ordinary spaces into extraordinary showcases. We take pride in our ability to seamlessly blend functionality and aesthetics, thereby creating garage environments that not only meet but also exceed our customers’ expectations.

Our polyaspartic materials outperform common garage floor epoxy, and our custom garage cabinets are a much higher value that pre-built modules.

Experience the Global Garage Flooring difference, where superior materials, expert installation, and a passion for perfection converge to redefine your garage and storage experience.


Global Garage with Jeep


Our motto is simple: Your garage floor and cabinets will look better and last longer when installed by Global Garage!
  • We warrant residential garage floors for the lifetime of the customer, safeguarding against adhesion failure to the substrate.
  • Commercial and Industrial floors have guarantees unique to their particular installation.
  • Custom wood cabinets are also warranted for the lifetime of the customer on workmanship and materials.

Please call or email for a full copy of these guarantees
(or to schedule a design appointment!)

Global Garage floor detail