Swisstrax installation is a great alternative to permanent concrete coatings and offer a variety of benefits to any space that you want to hide a cold, concrete floor. Because they are not permanently fixed to the floor, if you move, take the Swisstrax with you and install them in your new home!

The interlocking tiles come in a variety of colors and are typically made with vinyl or rubber. They are quickly becoming a favorite flooring option for in-home gyms because of their durability, and they are more comfortable for work outs than a concrete floor. If you have kids, installing these tiles in a basement or spare room quickly converts the space into a fun play area with a floor that can withstand any activity your child can imagine!

Swisstrax are also a unique flooring option for garages, particularly for creating a showroom type space to show off a collection of classic or sports cars. You can use one color tile for a clean look, or use multiple colors to create a classic checkerboard style or create different spaces within the room. The possibilities are endless!

If you are interested in learning more about these versatile tiles, or would like to get a quote for installation, call Global Garage today!

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