How is Global Garage different from other companies?

  • We install superior full polyaspartic flooring systems with better adhesion and durability
  • Polyaspartic primer is better absorbed into the concrete, achieving a better bond than “painted on” epoxy.
  • We apply subsequent layers while wet, creating a better bond between the layers than recoating dry epoxy.
  • This is the system recommended & specified by the manufacturer and Global Garage is the original applicator of this system.
  • We pay attention to the details such as fixing cracks, sealing joints, seamlessly sealing slabs against walls, coating steps and stem walls, and creating a proper texture with the flake for slip resistance.

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Our Process

  1. We begin by diamond grinding the concrete to remove the smooth surface and open up the pores to allow for better adhesion.
  2. We fill and seal cracks or imperfections in the concrete.
  3. The first coat of polyaspartic is rolled into the concrete and the colored flake is broadcast across the floor.
  4. The floor is scraped to achieve the desired texture, and then swept to gather the excess flake.
  5. The final clear coat of polyaspartic is then applied to seal the entire system.