Polyaspartic Flooring and Custom Cabinets for an Airplane Hangar- A Before and After Story

We recently completed an airplane hangar in Erie, CO, and the transformation is stunning! We wanted to take a moment to share the story with you and show off this beautiful space. We will take you through the process, and show you how this hangar got a much needed makeover!

The story begins with our hangar owner, a pilot and plane enthusiast, who wanted to spruce up his hangar. When he isn’t flying, he enjoys working on his planes and knew the hangar could be more than it was. The floor was unprotected and he lacked storage in this massive space.

This where Global Garage Flooring and Cabinets enters the story. After our initial design consultation, we got to work on designing cabinets and a work space for this hangar, and presented different flooring options for the space. When it comes to hangars, you need a floor coating that is not only beautiful to show off the owner’s plane, but also economical and durable to withstand the planes being repeatedly wheeled in and out. We decided on our granite style polyaspartic flooring system with a light gray and white flake blend. And for a touch of whimsy, we added a silver powered glitter that adds a beautiful sparkle to the floor when the light hits it.

Using diamond grinders, our talented crew got to work on preparing the floor for the coating. We needed to rough up the smooth surface to ensure the coating would adhere properly. Cracks in the concrete were filled and sealed and then the got to work applying the coating.

They cut in around the perimeter using small rollers and brushes, and then use large rollers to cover the floor. Each area is rolled and back-rolled at least 4 times for the best coverage.

As one technician continues to roll out the polyaspartic coating, another follows closely behind spreading the flake into the coating. Once this is complete, the flake is scraped to achieve the desired texture. The glitter and top coat were then applied.

With the floor now complete, the cabinets were ready to be installed! The owner chose our black melamine cabinets with silver full length pulls. The cabinet doors have wide opening hinges and soft close drawers. We finished of the work bench with a butcher block top and slat walls for tool storage.

Now it was time to move the planes back in and really show off the beauty of this space!

We hope you enjoyed our before and after story for this beautiful airplane hangar! At Global Garage Flooring and Cabinets, our passion is creating beautiful and functional spaces for a variety of needs. Do you have a garage, workshop, or business that you would like to see transformed? Give Global Garage a call today and let us help you create the space of your dreams! You could be featured in our next before and after story!

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