At Global Garage Flooring & Cabinets, we provide high-quality metallic floor coatings for residential and commercial locations. With highly-experienced installation technicians and industry-leading materials, we bring excellent custom solutions to every floor we coat. We offer a wide selection of epoxy and polyaspartic metallic floor coatings, and excellent pricing on each of our materials. We are your resource for high-quality metallic floor coatings in the Denver area. 

The Best for Your Floor

Our team at Global Garage Flooring & Cabinets has installed high-quality metallic floor coating in hundreds of homes, businesses, and showrooms across Denver, CO and the surrounding region. When you work with us, we use our years of expertise and surplus of industry-leading materials to find you the perfect option for your floor. Whether you are looking for solid and economical epoxy floor, or a top-of-the-line polyaspartic floor coating, our team will provide the perfect fit for your floor, at a price you’ll love. Read to learn more about our two most popular metallic floor coatings — polyaspartic and epoxy floor coatings.

Polyaspartic Metallic Floor Coatings

As one of the newest floor-coating material available on the market, polyaspartic floor coating has become immensely popular due to its durability and incredibly fast setting time. Polyaspartic floors can typically be installed in a single day, start to finish, and offer many other great benefits, including: the ability to be applied to full thickness in a single coat, greater abrasion and impact resistance than urethane or epoxy coatings, the ability to be installed at any temperature, superb bonding characteristics, and UV stability.  Polyaspartic floor coatings are great for residential and commercial floors, and can be installed properly and efficiently by our metallic floor coating experts here at Global Garage Flooring & Cabinets. 

Epoxy Metallic Floor Coatings

Epoxy floor coatings are one the most time-tested metallic floor coatings available on the market today, and have improved markedly over the years. Today’s advanced epoxy coatings are sought-after for their long-lasting high-gloss finish, superior hardness, and abrasion resistance. Though most epoxy coatings take longer to set in than their newer polyaspartic counterparts, they are also significantly cheaper to install. To learn more about today’s advanced epoxy coatings and how they can benefit your residential or commercial garage floor, contact our metallic floor coating installation experts at Global Garage Flooring & Cabinets today!

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